Louisiana Area Women in Ministry

A Brief History

In the fall of 2002, God entrusted to Rev. Mary W. Moss the vision to begin a ministry that would offer to women who had sensed a call to ministry a place to create community. The   vision included meeting the needs of women in ministry and to present opportunities to express their calling.  

After meeting and discussing the vision with her pastor, The Rev. Charles T. Smith, pastor of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, Rev. Moss called together a group of women on Saturday, November 2 at 9:00a.m. to share the vision.  It was at this meeting that Rev. Moss shared the purpose of the group. 

Her focus initiated from Paul’s words to the church at Corinth in 2 Corinthian 4:1, “Therefore seeing we have this ministry…”.  Her vision was to establish a ministry that would serve as a support system for women in ministry.  The vision and purpose also included uniting women through fellowship while helping them to grow spiritually with an emphasis on continuing the work of ministry.

Persons in attendance were Rev. Mary Moss. Rev. Gerald Ann Tobias, Rev. Jennifer Jones Bridgett, Minister Gloria Harrison, Rev. Darlene Moore, Minister Edna Eaton, Minister Rosemary Ngemi and Rev. Carolyn Foster.  A second meeting was called to further organize by inviting other women and to establish structure for the ministry.  This meeting was held at Camphor Memorial United Methodist Church.  The officers were President, Rev. Mary Moss; Rev. Darlene Moore, Vice President; Minister Irma Brown, Recording Secretary, Minister Irma Johnson, Financial Secretary, Rev.
Gerald Ann Tobias, Treasurer.  

This initial calling together of sister clergy was ten years ago and the ministry continues in its mission and purpose.  Presently, LAWIM’S goal is to support women who have sensed a call to ministry through fellowship, education/training, and other opportunities for growth and service. 

To work on issues affecting women in ministry:  to build relationships, partnerships, coalitions to improve mission/ministry effectiveness; connecting to our community with the intent of exploring new ways to improve and empower the lives of others.