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Our Mission:

Give hope to those who need it most!

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L.A.W.I.M.’S goal is to support women who have sensed a call to ministry through fellowship, education/training, and other opportunities for growth and service.  To work on issues affecting women in ministry: to build relationships, partnerships, coalitions to improve mission/ministry effectiveness; connecting to our community with the intent of exploring new ways to improve and empower the lives of others.






The landscape of the Eden Park Community is empowered, connected, and transformed by the church and community working together through the power of Jesus Christ.  


Church and community coming together to tie into the mission.   Partnering and collaborating (to engage in dialogue and to explore new ways to rebuild our community).


To link individuals with tools, networks, and resources that will strengthen the community.   


To help individuals to become viable contributors to the health and ​well-being of their homes, neighborhoods, and community.

Louisiana Area Women in Ministry